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Fire Marshal/Warden Training

Health & Safety and Fire Safety Courses

This training course has been designed to provide delegates, who are appointed as fire wardens, with fire safety awareness and basic firefighting equipment training.

This course consists of:
• understanding of the role of the Fire marshal/warden
• understanding the importance of good fire safety management
• the importance of regular fire drills
• the impact of fire
• case studies
• human behaviour in fires
• explain how fire and smoke spreads within buildings
• action in the event of a fire
• Fire & Rescue Service liaison
• confidence in identifying and operating the correct firefighting equipment

Fire Safety Awareness Training - (up to 12 delegates)

This training includes:
- Live scenario based extinguisher training exercises
- Bespoke classroom session tailored to your specific requirements.
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Fire Marshal/Warden Training - (up to 12 delegates)

This training is split into two sections:
- Morning session: ½ day fire safety awareness training (as detailed above)
- Afternoon session: Staff are trained to carry out the full duties of a site Fire Marshall or Warden.
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Risk Assessment & Fire Risk Assessment Training

This course provides learners with knowledge and understanding of the risk assessment process and the skills required to undertake a suitable and sufficient risk assessment. It will also allow delegates to manage and maintain existing risk assessments.
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Evac Chair Operator Training

This training involves a short theory session followed by a practical demonstration in which delegates participate and gain practical hands-on experience of using an Evacuation Chair, Transit Chair or Rescue-sled. Basic Operator Training is ideal for smaller companies who are constrained by time (a session for four people lasts two hours) or very large companies looking to train large numbers of staff in a short time span
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