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Abrasive Wheels Training

Abrasive Wheels Training

This course has been designed and developed to provide delegates with the skillset and understanding of how to safely use abrasive wheel machinery. This training plays an important part in accident prevention, as most accidents involving machine operators are caused by a lack of or inadequate training.
We offer a full day course for new and inexperienced delegates, or a 1/2 day course for already-experienced operators who would benefit from a refresher course.

These courses will provide attendees with a greater understanding of the :

– legal responsibilities and duties of the employer and employees regarding health and safety laws
– different types and of abrasive wheels and their characteristics
– various speeds at which machinery operates
– inherent hazards and risks involved and the safety precautions to be used
– correct use of suitable personal protective equipment (PPE)
– storage & handling
– inspection and methods for testing for damage
– Abrasive Wheels machine components, flanges, guards, blotters, etc.
– methods of dressing & balancing
– correct assembly of abrasive wheels
– suitable adjustment of a tool-rest on a bench/pedestal grinder.

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