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PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Robert Richards Associates Limited can provide Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing), essential for keeping your workplace safe.

What is Portable Appliance Testing?

Commonly known as PAT Testing, it involves the examination of electrical appliances:

  • An electrical appliance may be classed as portable if it is connected to the mains by way of a flexible lead and plug 
  • A series of tests and inspections are carried out to establish the safety and suitability of your electrical appliances 
  • Testing requires appliances to be de-energised for a short period of time (approximately 2-5 minutes) and does not require the mains to be isolated, minimising disruption to the workplace. 
Fire Risk Assessment

Why does my business need Portable Appliance Testing?

Under the 1989 Electricity at Work Regulations, employers, landlords and businesses must limit the risks involved in using electrical equipment, including all portable electrical appliances.

It is good practice for businesses that PAT testing is carried out as part of a regular system of maintenance and inspection. Annual tests afford maximum protection and compliance with regulations.

Annual PAT testing, along with the maintenance of relevant records, will ensure that your business meets with the required safety regulations.

This includes the IEE Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, aswell as the Health and Safety at Work Act.

'Drive-In' Portable Appliance Testing

We realise that it’s not just workplaces who require PAT testing, many tradesmen live their working lives on the road.

We offer you the opportunity to contact us in advance and arrange a suitable timeslot for us to visit our premises, where we can carry out the testing in a convenient and timely fashion.

Why choose Robert Richards Associates limited?

Robert Richards Associates Limited can provide portable appliance testing for premises throughout the United Kingdom.

Our qualified technicians will work quickly and efficiently, causing minimal disruption to your working environment. Upon completion of testing, certification will be issued by us and evidence of testing will be placed on each appliance.

We will also ensure that you are contacted in a timely manner to remind you of timelines for PAT Testing and provide you with transparent quotes for your needs.

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