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Fire Extinguisher Supply & Maintenance

What is Fire Extinguisher Supply & Maintenance?

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance occurs at least on an annual basis:

  • Involves comprehensive checks for damage, corrosion and partial or complete discharge
  • Reference made at all times to the manufacturers’ specific instructions and recommendations on servicing and recharging
  • Once the service is complete, the fire extinguisher is labelled and tagged to specify performed service (i.e. inspection, test, refill or recharge)

Why does my business need Fire Extinguisher Servicing?

Fire Risk Assessments carried out by Robert Richards Associates Limited evaluate the following:

  • The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 firmly places responsibility for Extinguisher servicing with the owner / employer within all commercial properties
  • All fire extinguishers fitted in commercial, public and residential buildings require regular tests and inspections 
  • In order to remain safe, British Standard Code of Practice BS5306-3:2009 recommends that your fire extinguishers are serviced at least once a year by qualified technicians
Fire Risk Assessment

Why choose Robert Richard Associates Limited?

We can provide Fire Extinguisher Supply & Maintenance for workplaces throughout the United Kingdom.

  • Robert Richard Associates Limited is a fully accredited member company of the British Fire Consortium and our engineers are fully trained and qualified to BAFE standards 
  • Providing fire extinguishers manufactured in the UK with a 5 year warranty (provided they are properly maintained and regularly serviced)
  • Robert Richard Associates Limited can also provide additional services in the form of training for your staff members e.g. Fire Warden / Marshall and Fire Extinguisher use – all carried out by fully accredited staff

We also offer an extended service, which applies to most extinguishers at five yearly intervals and to primary sealed units every ten years. Our extended service includes the discharge and refill of the appliance at the specified interval and offers a good opportunity for staff training – all of which we can provide.

We will also ensure that you are contacted each year to remind you of timelines for Fire Extinguisher maintenance, and provide you with transparent quotes for your needs.

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